Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why this blog was originally created

This blog was created because of a request for help to change the font size of a Google Blogger blog. The easiest way is to answer via a post, but my usual habit is to test first before publishing a post. Since the font-size have changed, I will upload a screenshot of the font-size of the blog when it was first created:

change Blogger blog footer font size

Now since I have a link to this blog, I don't want to waste it by just having a single post and no other traffic other than from that link. So I am going to keep the URL the same to preserve the link and change the blog title to "Tools for Blogger" and hope to make this blog more useful than just for demonstrating how to change font size for the footer. I will also change the template from a 2 column Minima template to a 3 column Minima template. That means I will have to reedit the template.

Of course I will follow my own advice and Backup New Blogger template PLUS Page Elements and change new template. As this is a brand new blog, there is no Page Elements worth backing up.

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